February 4, 2022

Mirum | We're human resourceful


We supplied the Canadian branch of the global Mirum Agency with recruitment, training, and macro-HR strategy.

Advised & lead managers with recruitment campaigns - job descriptions, postings, interviewing & reference checking, presentation of offer and on-boarding.

Provided legislation compliance, management of grievances and investigations, proactive strategies for improved well-being, and both sourcing and administering of external training.

Managed LMO applications for international employees.

Haneen is a dedicated, multifaceted, and vibrant HR professional. She really cares about people and works hard to establish trusting and friendly relationships with everyone she works with .... She’s the kind of person that everyone likes, and she brings her pleasant demeanour and amazing personality into everything she does…

- Stephanie Poce | Associate UX Director, Mirum

Haneen is an excellent HR Professional … an excellent communicator, very knowledgeable, approachable, proactive, and demonstrated a great deal of care, empathy, and compassion for everyone on the team. I enjoyed working with Haneen a great deal.

- Michael J. Moffett | Former Project Management Director, Mirum

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